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FTL, FTL cargo

Full truck. When it is necessary for your shipment to occupy a place in the entire loading area. The case when you want your shipment to be picked up and delivered faster, so you use the full loading space or it is so large that it takes up the full loading space and is not suitable for delivery or collective transport.


Incoterms ® (English International Commercial Terms) are official international rules and terms that govern legal and economic relations between buyers and sellers in international trade regarding the transfer of risks and costs during the delivery of goods from one side to the other.

They explain a series of eleven commonly used three-letter trade terms (CIF, FOB, etc.) as a reflection of practice in commodity sales contracts.

What is the difference between euro and industrial pallet?

The difference is in the dimensions of the palette itself. The dimensions of the industrial pallet are 120 x 100 x 25 cm, while the Euro pallet is 120 x 80 x 25 cm.


A unit of equivalent twenty feet ( eng. twenty-foot equivalent unit, abbreviated English TEU) is a unit of commodity capacity that is often used to describe capacity container ships and container terminals.

It is based on the volume of a 20- foot (6.1 meter ) long ISO container , which can easily be transshipped between different modes of transportation, such as ships , trains , and trucks .

One TEU represents the cargo capacity of a standard ISO container, 20 feet (6.1 m) long and 8 feet (2.44 m) wide. A standard 40-foot container is equal to two TEU units.


International Convention on the Protection of Human Life at Sea (Safety of Life at Sea).


Verified Gross Mass is the verified gross mass that refers to the total mass of the entire container, including the cargo in the container, packaging material, cargo securing material and container tare


Authorized economic entity. A company or organization involved in the international movement of goods approved by the national customs administration.


Warehouse Management System is a warehouse management software application that supports and improves warehouse functionality and distribution center management.

Cold Chain

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain most often used for pharmaceutical or food products.

LTL, LTL freight

When you only need as much space as your shipment takes up. A cheaper solution than renting a full loading space if the transit time and dimensions of the shipment allow it. Your shipment is placed behind the shipments of other customers and you only pay for the space it occupies.


According to the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), as long as the goods, the vehicle and the driver comply with the regulations, there is free passage across borders, which facilitates the rapid fluctuation of freight traffic.

Ldm / Load meters

1 required meter of loading space in a truck or trailer, and is used to calculate transportation costs. For example, one Europallet is 0.4 LDM of cargo.


Bill of Lading (BL or BoL) is a document issued by the Shipper to the sender, which states, among other things, the type, quantity and destination of the goods being transported.

The bill of lading also serves as a confirmation of receipt of the shipment when the carrier delivers the goods to a predetermined destination.


International Maritime Organization (International Maritime Organization www.imo.org). Since 1948, it has been taking over and developing SOLAS.

What VGM calculation methods are there?

Two verification methods are allowed:

Method 1: after filling and sealing the container, the shipper can weigh the entire filled container by himself or by hiring a third person.

Method 2: the shipper or a third person at the shipper’s behest can calculate the weight by weighing and adding up the individual weights of the package in the container, packaging and material to secure the cargo from movement, and adding the weight of the empty container (tarra) and the shipment.


Standard Operating Procedure – is a set of instructions to help the organization’s employees perform complex routine operations in an efficient and uniform manner, in accordance with industry regulations, and to reduce miscommunication.

Track and Trace

The process of identifying and tracking past and current cargo locations in the supply chain.


Cro Ekspres client area intended for clients. As part of it, clients can connect to the system for delivering shipments to their operator by logging in.