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Warehousing services

Secure additional space or decide to outsource the entire storage operation and leave it to Cro Ekspres!

As part of our own storage capacity, we offer a comprehensive package of logistics services aimed at optimizing the storage and distribution of goods.

In our logistics center, we offer specialized logistics solutions for a wide range of industries. It will be our pleasure to provide you with detailed advice on how to optimally organize your supply chain so that it runs fluidly and without interruptions.

We can offer you storage flexibility adapted to your needs.

The Cro Ekspres team constantly invests in its storage capacity so that your goods will be handled according to the highest safety standards.

As part of the warehouse business, we also offer all the necessary additional services from palletizing your goods, checking and maintaining the balance, repacking, ordering, marking, declaring, etc.

We manage the principles of outgoing logistics selection such as FEFO (“first in, first out”), LIFO (“last in, first out”), and FIFO (“first in, first out”).

In order for the service to be complete, and your supply chain in one and safe hands, all warehouse operations are based on our own distribution network, with which we are, we can freely say, leaders on the national territory.

Customs brokerage

Our teams at Cro Ekspres in charge of customs procedures will ensure that all legal norms are met when it comes to formalities in the field of customs matters. With us, you will receive advice on issues related to the preparation of customs documentation, customs declarations, veterinary and sanitary inspections, etc.

In cooperation with our partners around the world, we will make sure that you get advice on the regulations that need to be met in each market and in this way the transport of your cargo is safe both in import and export.