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Cro Ekspres offers individualized solutions for various economic sectors

Improve your business with our specialized solutions for the automotive and fashion industries.

In its many years of business practice, Cro Ekspres has developed individualized models for the supply of these two industrial branches. We plan to develop our solutions for other industries as well in order to make it easier for you to keep your supply chains at the highest possible level.

Car industry

Our industrial solutions for the automotive industry are the result of many years of work and constant improvement in order to provide our clients with the best possible formula.

We support every aspect of the supply chain in this industry, and our clients have repaid us with maximum loyalty and trust, which is reflected in the trust given to night deliveries to locations under alarm protection entrusted to our couriers.

As we know, the automotive industry is faced with many challenges from changes in the procurement market after the Covid 19 crisis, rising costs, changes in production, procurement, etc.

On the basis of quality management standards, we provide continuous optimization of your processes, from the nightly delivery of auto parts to service centers and stores.

Urgent deliveries are here for your time-critical requests.

Our service includes: distribution services, urgent transport either by charter or courier delivery, same-day delivery of goods, overnight deliveries, management of return logistics, disposal of goods under customs supervision, customs mediation, etc.

Our Cro Ekspres team is at your disposal to find together the most optimal formula for your supply chain.

Fashion industry

The fashion industry is something that Cro Ekspres understands very well, and it effectively copes with its demands. We also create individual solutions depending on your challenges. Our solutions for the fashion industry include a transport service by classic route, as well as a garment-on-hanging transport service, forward deliveries to retail chains in which we have many years of experience, and deliveries to end consumers.

We also deliver your seasonal fashion collections or additions to Croatia by sea, plane, rail or road. For mid-season replenishments, save on transport costs by using our consolidated collection services and in all these ways we enable your customers to always stay in step with the latest fashion trends….