In order to make our drivers’ working conditions as comfortable as possible, and our clients’ shipments to be transported in the safest way, this spring we are stronger for one new member in the vehicle fleet.

We are strengthening our forces with the new Ford F-max tractor, which was also named International Truck of the Year in 2019.

The vehicle has a sleeping cabin and 2 beds, configuration 4×2, technically permissible weight 18,000 kg, Engine: FORD ECOTROQ: displacement 12,740 ccm, 500 HP / 368 kW/1,800 rpm.

Emissions of exhaust gases: EURO 6E, with the Comfort Plus equipment package, etc., all of which make this vehicle maximally ready to meet all the requirements of today’s domestic and international freight transport.

As a socially responsible company, Cro Ekpres invests great efforts and funds in order to have vehicles in the fleet that meet the highest standards, and to be able to meet all the necessary capacities, and to be safe both for its employees who manage them, and for the nature that surrounds us, because we aware that only responsible behavior can reduce the impact on pollution.

Let your shipments find their place by being transported with our new member.