In order to provide our clients with constant new services and thus make their deliveries even faster, easier and more carefree, we started this year with such a service in our portfolio.

We opened a collection truck line on the route Croatia – Slovenia – Croatia.

Departures are daily in both directions. The goods are collected in all parts of Croatia and delivered to the entire territory of Slovenia. The same applies in the reverse direction if the goods are collected in Slovenia and delivered to the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

The service is intended for general cargo and goods that are properly packed for this type of transport.

If you need help with adequate packaging of goods or just advice, please contact our friendly and professional team for international collective transport, which is at your disposal.

The prices that we have prepared for this line are extremely competitive, and the service is fast, flexible and “Just in Time”… We all know very well that the one who has the goods when they need them has an advantage, so provide your customers with exactly this kind of service.